Posie Packer

    Welcome to Posie Packer Corp.

    We are more than just a floral equipment manufacturer!

    For 40 Years, we have been on the cutting edge of floral processing, providing innovative and reliable floral processing machinery. The focus has been to transmit maximum bouquet value to the end consumer at the lowest labour cost per unit of production. The key to repeat sales.

    The experience behind the machinery designs of Posie Packer is available to solve your particular problems. Common floral processing problems include:

    New Item - Enhanced Flral Cutter 

    Floral cutter and labeller

    Trims to length and labels the bouquet- one pass

    Great for farm made bouquets - save labor costs


    Compilation of floral processing equipment in action


    We also make machinery for produce. click the button below to visit the Produce Bag Labeler website.

    Produce Bag Labeler