Posie Packer

Corporate Info

The machinery that Posie-Packer supplies is designed and manufactured based on first-hand experience. It uses circular production areas, the team approach in the use of labour, a good flexible internal transportation system, and is based on the principle that bouquet is only as good as its weakest flower.

The use of a circular concept came about over a period of time, and had been implemented by John Vandergrift, President, of Posie Packer Corp., for over 25 years as a bouquet manufacturer in the Canadian and American market.

Some of the advantages of this concept are as follows:

   1. By cutting all product underwater and hydrating it, weaknesses in flowers can be ascertained before it is made into a bouquet. This saves labour and packing costs, and improves the quality of the flowers while getting the full benefit of using floral preservatives.
   2. Relatively small production units lend itself to making various types of bouquets while minimizing the cost of switching a large line to a different bouquet (i.e. Longer production runs per production unit).
   3. Security and reliability of the production capacity: by design, the machinery is "employee friendly" and is designed to be user-serviceable.

Machinery based on a large moving circle requires fewer moving parts, therefore providing greater reliability, as well as a lower purchase cost. In addition, a circular production area is easier to supply, whereas a linear production facility puts up a barrier within the production area.

Any machinery purchased should be simple and functional in design, and exhibit a high degree of reliability. It should also provide the ability to be easily and quickly repaired by the owner or manager should a malfunction occur. This characteristic is extremely important at holiday times, when the most perishable resource is not the flower, but time. Flowers can be replaced - time cannot.

In regard to labour, it was found that the circular concept allowed for better social interaction between employees as well, and it allows them to monitor their own productivity easily.

The circular concept made the production team into a self-disciplining unit, as weaker members of the team were easily identified and forced to conform to the group standard.

A main advantage of the team approach was that it cut down on the training time required when part-time holiday help was brought in: it allowed for easy expansion and contraction of the labour force.

Posie Packer offers two alternatives for the mechanization of a bouquet operation. The first alternative is called a bouquet organizer where the machinery will cut the bouquets to a uniform length, mechanically tie them, and then the bouquet is either hand wrapped or put into a pre-made sleeve manually. The second alternative is an Automated Wrapping Machine which will not only cut flowers to a uniform length, but will also wrap the bouquet in a custom made sleeve for that particular bouquet.

A significant advantage of the machinery that Posie Packer sells is Service & Support. Should a problem develop that the client is not able to repair, Posie Packer offers telephone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as prompt on site service, usually within 24 hours.

The biggest advantage however that Posie Packer has is that we use what we sell on a daily basis. John Vandergrift has been on the front lines in the bouquet manufacturing business for many years, and he knows all too well some of the problems that are facing people like yourself. Our equipment is our response to meet and defeat the challenges that exist in this competitive marketplace.