Posie Packer


"The equipment is very user-friendly, and our employees very much appreciate the use of the equipment."
Carl Marino, Great Plains Wholesale Florists

"One processor can now do the job of three people. The quality of the products cut underwater is much better."
Stanley Brock, Gassafy Greenhouse Inc.

"To be specific, our shrinkage went from 7.8% in 1989 to 5.4% in 1990, a savings to the company of -2.4%, wholesale value in product savings of $28,238.19 over the year before."
Jon Felly, Bouquet Connection

"Just a note to say that we are pleased with our powered underwater cutter, and that it is proving to be very useful in our operations."
Don Mayer, Calvert Wholesale Florists Inc.

"It is fair to say that there was a direct saving in the way of flowers looking better, (quality up and waste down)...we came to the conclusion that on a weekly basis we saved our selves 15 hours a week times 52 weeks and that translates into 780 hours a year."
Han Van Den Enden, Flying Dutch Flowers Inc.