Posie Packer

Circular vs. Linear Floral Processing 

Features Circular - turntable Linear - Conveyor belt
Reliability Fewer moving parts hence greater reliability - no electronics Lots of parts - gear and chain driven belt - some electronics used
Usable Length The 9.55 ft. diameter table will yield 30 linear feet of work area 30 linear feet of work area
Employee Safety Belt driven, the turntable can be stopped by hand Gear and chain driven - kill switches at each work station are required to insure employee safety - potential pinch points for employees' hands between moving belt and frame
Wear Parts None The belt will stretch over time and will have to be tightened - dividers on the belt are known to break - eventually the custom belt will have to be replaced at considerable expense plus installation
Electrical Requirements 120 volt - available anywhere 120 volt and higher -
special electrical circuitry may be required
Ease of Portability On casters - extremely easy - one person only required The length makes it extremely difficult to re-locate within the production area unless it is broken down to component parts
Employee Friendly Encourages employee interaction - and individual responsibility for the quality of the bouquet produced Employees are isolated - difficult to identify the employee who manufactures a particular bouquet
Adaptability Easily makes the bigger bouquet - lots of vertical support for the over sized bouquet Minimal support for the oversized bouquet
Product flow Minimal disruption to product flow within the production area - less than 10 feet wide barrier A barrier 30 feet long and 4 feet wide will disrupt product flow
Quality of end product Easy to pinpoint who is doing what Difficulty ascertaining who is responsible for a bouquet
Security of production capacity Smaller units of production will give you security of production capacity as well as minimizing set -up times Can you imagine your unit not operating before a major holiday and you lose total production capability ??????
Number of work stations
(5 linear feet per station)
Five - allows for five feet for a saw to trim bouquets to a uniform length Five - allows for five feet for a saw to trim bouquets to a uniform length
Trim Saw Bandsaw used - minimal movement of bouquet - blades are cheap and easy to replace - parts readily available locally Circular Saw - bouquets must be held secure - more parts to wear out - blades are very expensive to replace
Price per work station $2,650.00 estimated $4,500.00 and more