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Whether you are in a start-up phase, or are an established floral processor, John Vandergrift can save you money.

His years of experience as a high volume floral processor offers a knowledgeable and independent review on a client specified project related to the floral industry, or an assessment of your present operation in regards to any or all of the following :

  • Product flow and internal transportation system
  • Post-harvest care and handling in a commercial setting
  • Labour productivity and related management practices
  • Inventory control and buying practices
  • Refrigeration standards

The first step is to develop a baseline to determine what is actually occurring in the above areas. This can be accomplished by an on site visit , observing and recording present procedures, asking questions of the people involved, and using various instruments to get accurate measurements. (i.e. cooler performance).

The results of the initial assessment is then measured against John's past experience as a high volume fresh floral processor, and the developments which have occurred in the past years. The guidelines that will be used are the following:


  • Minimum costs
  • Maximum return
  • Maximum productivity.

The result will be an assessment which will show the following:

  • Identify areas were present procedures meet or exceed industry norms
  • Identify areas were improvement is warranted
  • Provide prioritized solutions to the identified weak areas and rate these solutions as to cost benefit and the rate of return to be expected should any investment be required. Implications of changes to related areas will also be noted.
  • Provide a timetable and suggestions as to how and when the changes should be initiated, and provide an insight as to how to minimize the effect of the changes on the employees involved.

All of the above work will be presented in a written report. Assistance can be provided in regard to implementation as well.

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