Posie Packer

C.V. of
 John C. Vandergrift

Canadian, Dutch

English, Dutch

M.B.A. McMaster University, 1973
Hamilton, Canada
Marketing, Business Policy
B.A.(Honours) University of Guelph 1970
Politics and Public Administration


John Vandergrift has been involved for the past forty years in the development of successful small businesses. This has involved finding and exploiting niches in established markets, developing products and processes to strengthen the market position of the company, and constantly looking for new ways to increase sales and profitability.

This has involved an exposure to all aspects of starting and maintaining a small business; from financial planning, to dealing with government programs designed for small businesses, and to the realization that maintaining an ongoing research and development function is extremely important to sustain a competitive edge in the market place.

A realization was also developed that the success of a business is dependent on how well it reacts to a changing environment, and that to remain successful it must be susceptible and adaptable to change.


Marketing and Trade

Financial Planning

New Product Development

Research and Development

  • post harvest storage techniques for cut flowers
  • floral processing machinery

President Posie Packer Inc. 1984 to Present
(Floral processing consulting and machinery sales)
President Vandergrift Wholesale Florist 1972-84
President Petals and Plants Ltd. 1974-84
Wholesale Florists & Florist Suppliers of America Inc.
Society of American Florists
Flowers Canada

Small Business Development

Vandergrift Wholesale Florist: This company was set up to market fresh floral products to North American supermarkets. The peculiar nature of this growing market segment has involved developing unique machinery for high speed, large volume processing of fresh cut flowers, international travel to find and develop sources of quality cut flowers and the development of floral programs for various supermarkets. During this time the company's sale increased from $35,000 per year to well over 1.8 million.

Petals and Plants: A retail florist operation established in Guelph in 1974. An insight into what was required in running a successful retail operation and in dealing with consumers.