Posie Packer

Turnveyor - Bouquet Assembly - "Chop and Plop"



  • Increases productivity of bouquet assembly by 35 -50%
  • Eliminates the use of hand operated guillotines
  • Can be used for trimming bulk flowers and pre-made farm bouquets for hydration purposes, offering a choice of underwater or surface cut
  • Productivity increases of up to 300%
  • Combines best of the turntable (no beginning and no end) to the best of the conveyor (length)
  • Large production unit for high volumes


  • Modular construction - can be lengthened to fit your needs - base unit has 16 trays, and can be easily and quickly increased in multiples of 8 to 64 trays total.  As your business grows, so will the machine, constantly lowering your cost per work station
  • The high side of walls of the trays offer secure support for the larger bouquets - trays can be customized to your needs
  • Low cost of ownership - the only replacement part to wear out in the first year will be the band saw blade which is easily and quickly replaceable
  • Low cost per workstation
  • No electronics - strictly electrical mechanical - high reliability factor - all electrical and mechanical components are North American Standard can be changed to meet foreign standards
  • Minimal maintenance - only 4 grease points, once a year
  • At it's maximum length, two separate products can be run simultaneously with the addition of another trim saw for the opposite end of the machine
  • Adjustable speed


  • Electrical: 230 volt single phase
  • Space: Rectangular - machine plus work stations require an area about 15 feet in width plus the length chosen

Additional Cost Options:

  • Underwater cutter
  • Surface trim saw
  • Expansion units - 8 trays and all related hardware required to expand machine
  • Tying machine(s) (various suppliers)
  • Blades


Six-eight weeks for the base unit, expansion units 4 weeks


Labour cost included in price.  Travel costs extra


One year, 24 hour telephone support as long as you own the machine

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For more information, see Mechanical advantages.