Posie Packer

Bouquet Wrapping Machine


To provide the maximum in labor productivity, the minimum time in training employees, the lowest cost in sleeves with the greatest variety and minimal inventory, and to bypass the use of tying machines and elastics


  • Makes it own custom sized floral sleeve on demand - means you will always have the right sized sleeve for a particular bouquet
  • Productivity increase up to 250% as compared to manual (50 bouquets per person per hour)
  • Infinite speed control - depending on complexity of the bouquiet the machine can cycle from 0 to 1800 bouquets per hour - the machine will always present a challenge for employees to keep up
  • Automatically trims all of the bouquets to the same length - operator chosen
  • Does not require the use of elastics or tying machines
  • Will apply UPC labels automatically - additional cost option
  • Can be used effectively by three and up to seven people
  • Strictly mechanical - reliable and user servicable
  • Can use all types of heat sealable plastic films - Posie Packer has over 150 graphic designs and they can be printed in infinite colors - unlimited combinations


  • Electrical : 240 volt, single phase, 60 amp service required - can be modified to meet foreign electrical standards
  • Space : Machine requires 125 square feet plus about 3-400 square feet of work area

Availability: 4 to 6 months from time of order

Warranty: One year, 24-hour telephone support as long as you own the machine, free parts for life if plastic film is purchased

Installation and Training: included in price - installation 2 days - training a minimum of two weeks, given in one week allotments about one month apart.

Assembling bouquets

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