Posie Packer

Floral Underwater Cutter Model comparison




Power requirements: 120 volt, 14 amp circuit
no pneumatics
120 volt, 12 amp circuit
no pneumatics
Space required:
-non operating

100 square feet
200 - 300 square feet

5 square feet
10 square feet
* Capacity:

Average Human Speed

unknown - has exceeded 3600 bunches per hour with 8 people

1 second per bunch

720 bunches/hour with one

1200 bunches/hour

3 seconds per bunch

360 bunches/hour

People required 1 to 8 1
Water Filter No Yes
Construction Galvanized Steel Food grade stainless steel
Movable On casters On casters
Delivery system Yes - turntable No - hand fed
Cutting device Bandsaw
- blade can be easily replaced
Guillotine - hardened stainless
- can be sharpened
Amount of cut up to 12 inches 1.00 -2.25 inches only
Employee safety Extremely high - the 25 linear feet of space around the turntable gives ample space - there is no need for an operator to be near the cutting action - turntable can be stopped by hand
Low _ with one hand the operator will be required to hold the bunch - with the other hand he pushes the button for the machine to cycle
Waste capacity in excess of 1200 bunches - clippings can be cleaned while in operation 300 bunches - machine must be stopped to remove waste