Posie Packer

Floral Underwater Cutter - Wholesale model

Two models are available:
Angle cut: maximizes water uptake
Straight cut: maximizes length


Employee friendly product for hydrating bulk flowers and pre-made bouquets. Depending on volume, it can be used by one to ten employees simultaneously. See return on investment.


  • float valve to maintain water level
  • on casters so that it can be moved
  • the 15 arms fold in when not in use to minimize space
  • magnetic stops for length guides
  • mechanical variable speed turntable can be adjusted from 1 RPM every 90 seconds to 
1 RPM every 35 seconds or faster
  • hour meter
  • minimal maintenance , only 4 grease points
  • turntable can be stopped by hand for increased employee safety
  • can process in excess of 90,000 stems per hour
  • user servicable
  • plug an play - no special wiring required


Electrical: 110-120 volt 15 amp service, ground fault recommended, can be modified to meet other electrical standards

Water: Machine is set up for garden hose connection, can be modified

Space:  Machine requires 100 square feet plus about 100-200 square
 feet of work area, close to garbage removal and floor drain.

Additional Cost Options:

  • conversion kit to use the turntable as a bouquet organizer
  • blades

Availability: 6-8 weeks from time of order. 

Warranty: 1 year, 24 hour telephone support as long as you own the machine.

Installation: not required, but if desired will be done at cost. The machine is shipped on two skids fully assembled - just hook them together, add water through float valve (about 110 gallons), and plug in.

Price: A price will be quoted in your currency that allows for current exchange rate and includes the following: freight, duty, brokerage, crating.

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